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format file pdo

What is a pdo file and how do I open a pdo file?

A PDO is a digital origami file created by Pepakura Designer, and contains a 3D model and its corresponding 2D paper cutout which stores the paper model's folding lines, cuts, and patterns. It is used for printing the design on paper, which can then be folded and glued into the original 3D model. Pepakura is a Japanese program that has been translated into English. PDO files are designed to help making it easy to craft paper models using the software. This file extension has Japanese origin because the Pepakura Designer is a Japanese program that when translated in English, is called Paper Craft. Coincidentally the .pdo file extension is also used by Microsoft Access; a software application also developed by Microsoft and belonging to the Microsoft Office suite that is used in the management of databases. Thes .pdo files used by the Access software are Microsoft Access Package and Deployment Wizard script files which assist in the distribution of Microsoft Office 2000 Developer solutions

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Detail pdo file extension information:
File Type: pdo
File Format: Pepakura Designer File
Primary Association: Microsoft Files