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format file man

What is a man file and how do I open a man file?

The MAN file extension is a help manual called a man page used by Unix Systems Programming. It contains information about a Unix command or other Unix function, and can be viewed within a unix shell using the man command. It is best to have a basic knowledge of C program and familiarity with Linux or Unix operating systems. The Unix O.S. encompasses utilities such as printing, user management, file management and process management; Shell like supports custom environment for unique users, a prompt is presented for every user, interprets commands, command execute; Kernel like security mechanism enforced, data file storage, access management and tasks scheduling. Features include portability; wide selection of support multi-user tools; multi-tasking in which several programs can be accessed at a specific time; terminal support via network or serial connection; multi-user and availability of tools for program advancements. Multi-Tasking Operating Systems permit the use of many programs to run at the same time. Multi-tasking supports background and foreground task. The former wherein the user directly interacts using the screen and keyboard while the latter does not have any access to the keyboard and usually runs in the background. Background tasks are also used for backups and printing purposes.

Mac OS
Recommended man file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Apple TextEdit
GNU Emacs
Detail man file extension information:
File Type: man
File Format: Unix Manual
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/x-troff-man, application/x-troff-man-compressed