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format file log

What is a log file and how do I open a log file?

LOG files are used by various operating systems and programs. An LOG file contains a plain text log of events with their time-stamps. It may be created by an operating system to log system events or by a software installation program to list location and names of installed files. Web servers also generate log files to track visitors and monitor bandwidth usage. Web stats programs allow web hosts to analyze log files through generated charts and graphs, which present logged website traffic data in a graphic format.

The LOG file provides a way for the system to be diagnosed in cases where there might be problems encountered that need immediate solutions. In some large and complex systems where events and activities are essential in understanding the software involved. All of these events are saved in a LOG file together with names of installed files and lists of its location. There are also other software frameworks and operating systems that execute sophisticated ways of using LOG file. “Syslog” is computer logging that separates software messages from software that analyzes and reports it. It is also used for analysis, debugging messages, generalized information and management of the computer system

Mac OS
Recommended log file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Apple TextEdit
Apple Console
Detail log file extension information:
File Type: log
File Format: Log File
Primary Association: Log Files