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format file lng

What is a lng file and how do I open a lng file?

A .LNG file is a generic language file used by applications for adding language support but it is mainly known as Acrobat Language Plug-ins developed by the Adobe systems. The .LNG plug-in files are advantageous when it comes to adding support for additional languages in Adobe Acrobat, software that is used to open and edit PDF files quick and easy. The .LNG files contain user interface strings and also the program menus. The .LNG files can either be in the simple text or in binary format and they can be opened using any text editor. These files are important in most programs because they contain various language data. Prior the .LNG file extension, there is a file name holding the language name. These files may also be opened using the Microsoft Windows and MAC O.S. and may need the application Adobe Acrobat. Aside from Adobe Acrobat there are also other language applications that use .LNG files for translating and localizing files into other languages.. They enable user interface localization, and are generally referenced by the program and not opened manually by the user.

Recommended lng file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Adobe Acrobat XI
Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6
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Detail lng file extension information:
File Type: lng
File Format: Language Application Support File
Primary Association: Language Defnition Files