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format file kar

What is a kar file and how do I open a kar file?

KAR is an audio file created by various Karaoke applications. It contains MIDI data as well as song lyrics stored in text but it does not contain actual audio data since the the music is stored using MIDI. It is used for playing back lyrics with songs.

KAR files can be created by certain MIDI development applications, and MIDI keyboards may be synched or connected with computers that have compatible MIDI devices to create karaoke audio data in easier and quicker ways. Specific karaoke MIDI files are integrated with encoding specifications used for files saved in the KAR format. The KAR files are classified as audio files and then affixed with the .KAR extension. The Band-in-a-Box digital music development and editing software is just one example of software integrated with MIDI sequencing and authoring functionality which use the KAR format as an optional audio data output file. The content of the KAR files will pontentially include reference data like directory locations of many MIDI audio tracks combined as a single track and metadata details associated to the audio tracks stored in the KAR file, such as artist name, song lyrics, and album details among others. The Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6 software can be used to play MIDI files with associated KAR files.

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Recommended kar file download:
Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6
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PG Music Band-in-a-Box
Recisio KaraFun
PG Music Band-in-a-Box
Mireth Technology Music Man
Detail kar file extension information:
File Type: kar
File Format: Karaoke MIDI File
Primary Association: MIDI Files
Mime Type: audio/mid, audio/midi, audio/x-midi, x-music/x-midi