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format file ini

What is an ini file and how do I open an ini file?

INI (Windows Initialization Files) are configuration files used by Windows to initialize program settings. They contain settings and preferences, with each section containing one or more name and value parameters. INI files are appended with the .INI extension and are updated when the user or the system makes changes to the original or default configurations of the Windows Operating Syste. INI files are used by the system to incorporate into the Windows-based computer the settings and configurations found in these .INI files. Any INI file can be opened and edited using a text editor, however it is not recommended to be done by users without the necessary technical knowledge and experience for changing or editing the configurations and settings that are stored in these Windows INI files. More recent versions of Windows OS are implemented with the function of deploying XML files to replace some of the functionality of the .INI files as default settings files that are used to embed global-wide and user-specific configurations across the Windows OS.

Mac OS
Recommended ini file download:
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac with Windows installed
Detail ini file extension information:
File Type: ini
File Format: Windows Initialization File
Primary Association: Configuration Files
Mime Type: application/textedit, text/plain, zz-application/zz-winassoc-ini