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format file imz

What is an imz file and how do I open an imz file?

IMZ is a compressed disk image file created with WinImage, a disk image utility. It contains an exact copy of a physical disk, but is also compressed to save disk space, and can be mounted as a physical disk when opened with WinImage. A WinImage compressed disk image is stored with encoding specifications and integrated with compression standards proprietary to Gilles Vollant Software. A WinImage compressed disk image file is saved in the IMZ format and is affixed with the .imz extension, and these IMZ files are used as the output format of the WinImage software. The content of these IMZ files may include the complete file structure of an optical disk or hard disk, and the IMZ files can be mounted as a virtual hard disk or a virtual optical drive to access the data stored in the IMZ file. The compression specifications implemented into an IMZ file can dramatically reduce the true size of all files and folders stored in the IMZ file, promoting faster and more convenient distribution of large files and folders on the Web or offline via DVDs, CDs or other external data storage devices. Gilles Vollant developed the WinImage application for computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems. Its features include creating, reading and editing disk images and also opening VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC hard disk images.

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Gilles Vollant WinImage
Detail imz file extension information:
File Type: imz
File Format: WinImage Compressed Disk Image
Primary Association: Disk Image Files