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format file gpk

What is a gpk file and how do I open a gpk file?

A GPK file contains a summary of sound wave data for an audio file opened with WaveLab developed by Steinberg in 1995. GPK enables faster reloading of audio files in the program, and is created automatically when an audio file is opened in WaveLab. By default, WaveLab does not delete GPK files after they have been created. However, the program can be configured to automatically delete GPK files when the corresponding audio file is closed. Steinberg also developed the GPK format as the format of these WaveLab audio peak files, which are created by the WaveLab program once a user opens an audio file with the program. The associated sound wave details of an audio file is stored in the newly generated GPK file to increase the process of loading files unto the WaveLab program. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the WaveLab application, then displays visualized information and other metadata info for the user to analyze sound wave data associated to the corresponding audio file that was opened by the WaveLab user. The WaveLab default configuration for these GPK files is to leave these GPK files stored in their predefined directory, usually the same directory where the program files of the WaveLab program are stored. Users can change the default configuration by selecting the option where the WaveLab program will automatically delete the associated GPK file once the audio file is unloaded by the program.

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Steinberg WaveLab
Detail gpk file extension information:
File Type: gpk
File Format: WaveLab Audio Peak File
Primary Association: Compressed Files