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format file diz

What is a diz file and how do I open a diz file?

DIZ refers to a Description In Zip archived file. DIZ files are text-only files and can be displayed by any text editor. DIZ files were originally used for distributing files at Bulletin Board Systems, and were used by system administrators to provide information and descriptions of each file uploaded to the system. There are several BBS applications in existence and are classified into two types. These two types include Active Software list and Classic Software list. Applications that fall under the Active Software list are programs currently in use and supported by its developers, while applications classified in the Classic Software list are those which have been discontinued or phased out. The term "file_id" means file identification, while diz stands for descriptions in ZIP file. When written and viewed in lowercase, users notice this name as ZIP from the original DIZ extension if read upside down. ZIP files normally contain multiple compressed files, and the compressed archives make it easier to share installation distributions and other content on the network and via the Internet.

Mac OS
Recommended diz file download:
Microsoft Notepad
Apple TextEdit
Bare Bones TextWrangler
Detail diz file extension information:
File Type: diz
File Format: Description in Zip File
Primary Association: Description Files