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format file ddb

What is a ddb file and how do I open a ddb file?

A DDB is an Avid Pro Tools application support file. It contains application support information for an audio project and uses the filename volume.ddb. Avid Pro Tools was developed by Avid Technology as a program for converting Microsoft Windows-based systems and computers running on Mac platforms into DAWs (digital audio workstations). The content of the DDB files are referenced by the Avid Pro Tools software when a user requests for application support details for an associated audio project created utilizing the Avid Pro Tools application. Data stored in a DDB files consists of configuration settings entered by the creators of the Avid Pro Tools projects corresponding to the DDB files, and these DDB files are given "volume" by the Avid Pro Tools software as the default name of the DDB file. Avid Technology is now the name of Digidesign, and Microsoft Windows or Mac users are able to install the correct versions of the Avid Pro Tools software to implement support into their systems for these DDB files.

Mac OS
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Avid Pro Tools
Avid Pro Tools
Detail ddb file extension information:
File Type: ddb
File Format: Digidesign Database
Primary Association: Data Files