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format file db

What is a db file and how do I open a db file?

DB is a database file format for Windows. DB files store data information in a series of tables, table fields and field data values, organized according to the data model. Generic database files are stored in the DB format, and these DB files are affixed with the .db extension. The Microsoft Access 2010 application may also be used by Microsoft Windows users to view, create and edit the content stored in a DB file. Corel Paradox creates .DB extensions, as well as several other software manufacturers. The content of the generic DB files may include a structured text data organized in fields and tables, and the data types of the fields and tables may also be included in the content of the DB files. The DB file format is supported by several database management applications apart from the Microsoft Access 2010 software, and a DB file may be exported and saved in other database file formats such as CSV. Microsoft SQLite software can be installed and utilized by Linux users to create, open and edit the content of the DB files. Other database management applications integrated with data importing support for the content stored in these DB files.

Depending on how the .DB file was create, encrypted or not, you can use several different software options to open the .DB file including the use of a plain text editor to view the content such as Notepad or DB Browser.

Mac OS
Recommended db file download:
Corel Paradox
Microsoft Access 2013
Synopsys Design Compiler Graphical
Detail db file extension information:
File Type: db
File Format: Database File
Primary Association: Database Files
Mime Type: application/x-paradox