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format file dap

What is a dap file and how do I open a dap file?

A DAP file is a web page connected to an Access database. It can be used to distribute reports on the web or by email, and may serve as a data entry form or may generate interactive reports. Data access pages can be built within MS Access or created from other file formats, such as dBASE files, Paradox tables, spreadsheets and text files. Classified as Web files, the content of these DAP files may include forms or multimedia materials that can be used by viewers of the Web page to enter details, which may in turn be generated as reports. The reports are then stored in the associated Microsoft Access databases for distribution to other users. Users who can access the content of thes reports and materials are given privileges by the administrators of those Web pages with embedded DAP functionalities. Microsoft developed the DAP format, and users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install and use the Microsoft Access 2010 software to create, open and edit the content of these DAP files. Data found in supported spreadsheet files or content encoded in plain text formats can also be used to create these DAP files.

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Microsoft Access 2013
Detail dap file extension information:
File Type: dap
File Format: Access Data Access Page
Primary Association: Microsoft Files