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format file b

What is a b file and how do I open a b file?

A B extension is used for a BASIC computer language or a saved game file created by Grand Theft Auto III. It is used by multiple editions of GTA3, including Vice City and San Andreas. It saves game-play information so the game can be resumed from the save point at a later time. By default, GTA3 saved games are stored in a sub-directory of the My Documents folder.

The BASIC source code file is implemented into the development of applications with that uses the BASIC programming language. "BASIC" stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code and was widely used and compiled into computer application development during the late 1960s. A BASIC source code file is used as a module that is referenced by computer programs which were developed using the BASIC programming language, and source code compilation and data encoding specifications are implemented into these BASIC source code files to store its content in the B file format. These BASIC source code files are appended with the B extension.

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Detail b file extension information:
File Type: b
File Format: Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File
Primary Association: Basic Files
Mime Type: chemical/x-molconn-Z