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What is an app file and how do I open an app file?

A .APP file, or Application Program runs under Mac OS X. The .APP file runs when double clicked like a .EXE. APP files are Mac OS packages and include resources used by the application, executables, PLIST files, frameworks, plugins, icons and other files. A decompression program can extract files from a Mac OS X application on other operating systems. Files within an application package should not be edited or moved, since changes may prevent the program from running correctly. Files stored in the APP format are executable files integrated with data compression standards and program logic compilation specifications that are used for creating Mac OS X application files, and these files are appended with the .app extension. This program logic data is usually integrated with file and resource references, modular directives and command line sequences, that allow the Mac Operating System X application to locate, load and reference required component files and resource libraries for correctly deploying its features into the Mac OS X system. WinRAR may be utilized to view the contents of the .APP files in a Microsoft Windows environment.

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Detail app file extension information:
File Type: app
File Format: Mac OS X Application
Primary Association: Program Execution Files